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AbstractThere is still limited information on the diversity of viruses co-circulating in humans and animals. Here, we report data obtained from a large field collection of enteric samples taken from humans, pigs, rodents and other mammal hosts in Vietnam between 2012 and 2016. Each of 2100 stool or rectal swab samples was subjected to virally-enriched agnostic metagenomic sequencing; the short read sequence data are accessible from the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA). We link the sequence data to metadata on host type and demography and geographic location, distinguishing hospital patients, members of a cohort identified as a high risk of zoonotic infections (e.g. abattoir workers, rat traders) and animals. These data are suitable for further studies of virus diversity and virus discovery in humans and animals from Vietnam and to identify viruses found in multiple hosts that are potentially zoonotic.

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