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An outbreak of Paederus dermatitis in Thai military personnel in 2007 was reported. Approximately ninety-one percent ofmilitary personnel who worked in a battalion located in Bangkok experienced Paederus dermatitis in April-May 2007. The most common clinical manifestations were blisters and erythematous rash. The most affected areas were head, neck, back and groin. "Kissing lesions" were seen in 17.3% of cases and 23.5% had multiple lesions. Compared with other reports, we found a high incidence of lesions in unexposed body parts. This disease should be recognized as a differential diagnosis especially in tropical countries. Awareness of the condition and its clinical features will aid early diagnosis and prompt treatment.



Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand = Chotmaihet thangphaet

Publication Date



97 Suppl 2


S96 - 100


Animals, Humans, Beetles, Dermatitis, Irritant, Occupational Diseases, Incidence, Military Medicine, Disease Outbreaks, Adult, Military Personnel, Asian Continental Ancestry Group, Thailand, Female, Male