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BackgroundThe aim of this analysis is to determine geo-economic variations in epidemiology, ventilator settings and outcome in patients receiving general anesthesia for surgery.MethodsPosthoc analysis of a worldwide study in 29 countries. Lower and upper middle-income countries (LMIC and UMIC), and high-income countries (HIC) were compared. The coprimary endpoint was the risk for and incidence of postoperative pulmonary complications (PPC); secondary endpoints were intraoperative ventilator settings, intraoperative complications, hospital stay and mortality.ResultsOf 9864 patients, 4% originated from LMIC, 11% from UMIC and 85% from HIC. The ARISCAT score was 17.5 [15.0-26.0] in LMIC, 16.0 [3.0-27.0] in UMIC and 15.0 [3.0-26.0] in HIC (P = .003). The incidence of PPC was 9.0% in LMIC, 3.2% in UMIC and 2.5% in HIC (P - 1 predicted bodyweight (PBW) was 8.6 [7.7-9.7] in LMIC, 8.4 [7.6-9.5] in UMIC and 8.1 [7.2-9.1] in HIC (P 2O was 3.3 [2.0-5.0]) in LMIC, 4.0 [3.0-5.0] in UMIC and 5.0 [3.0-5.0] in HIC (P 2O was 14.0 [11.5-18.0] in LMIC, 13.5 [11.0-16.0] in UMIC and 12.0 [10.0-15.0] in HIC (P ConclusionThe risk for and incidence of PPC is higher in LMIC than in UMIC and HIC. Ventilation management could be improved in LMIC and UMIC.Trial , identifier: NCT01601223.

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BMC anesthesiology

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Department of Anesthesiology, Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, Meibergdreef 9, 1105, AZ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


LAS VEGAS study–investigators, Humans, Lung Diseases, Intraoperative Complications, Postoperative Complications, Respiration, Artificial, Length of Stay, Anesthesia, General, Incidence, Risk Assessment, Internationality, Developed Countries, Developing Countries, Poverty, Adult, Aged, Middle Aged, Female, Male