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Despite a highly successful vaccination campaign in the UK, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is not over, and we are currently seeing rapidly rising infection rates. While there is an understandable and intense desire for ‘normality’ to return, we need to sustain our efforts to limit the transmission and impacts of the virus, particularly for the most vulnerable, for the longer term. To prepare for the winter period and beyond, the priorities over the summer period must be to: Maximise the speed and uptake of COVID-19 vaccination in all eligible age groups, and prepare for possible booster vaccines in priority groups and vaccination against influenza later in the year. Increase the ability of people with COVID-19 to self-isolate through financial and other support, with a particular focus on those in areas of persistent transmission and in the lowest socio-economic groups. Boost capacity in the NHS (staff and beds) to: build resilience against future outbreaks of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, including through improving infection prevention and control (IPC), increasing vaccination and testing capacity for COVID-19 and influenza, adequately resourcing primary care, and reducing the backlog of non-COVID-19 care. Provide clear guidance about environmental and behavioural precautions (such as the use of face coverings, ventilation and physical distancing) that individuals and organisations can take to protect themselves and others, especially those who are most vulnerable from infection.



Academy of Medical Sciences

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