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<jats:p>ABSTRACTIntroductionVaginal discharge and /or infection are very distressing to all women.Vaginal infection encompasses-Vaginosis/vaginitis,Trichomonal vaginitis and Monilial or fungal infection. Vaginal discharge could be due to foreignbody such as ring pessary inserted for uterovaginal prolapse or for induction of abortion by untrained Daisin Nepal. It could be due to physiological condition, such as -during mid menstrual and pregnant state. Astudy of pattern of infection in vaginal discharge has been presented in this study.ObjectiveTo find the pattern of infection in the vaginal discharge of patients attending a private Gynae. Clinic.Material and methodThis is a prospective study done during the period, November 2001 to July 2002 with “Hanging drop method”of the discharge, collected from the vagina.One thousand patients complaining of vaginal discharge with or without itching, burning sensation, pain inthe lower abdomen and subfertility were enrolled in this study.Age, parity, husband’s occupation, family planning methods used, history of drugs intake and subfertilitywere expressed.ResultIt was found that Monilial infection 36.8%,Monilial infectin with vaginitis was found in6.4% Trichomonalinfection 0.9%,Trichomonas with vaginitis 1.3% and vaginitis to be 19.5 % .Thirtyfive percent had had noabnormality in the slide.There were 11 diabetic patients.Seventeen were having some or the other drugsduring the study period. Seventyfour patients revisited for same complaints. Out of which 41 had noabnormalities.The treatment given was, Clotrimazole 200 mg daily locally for three days for 3 courses and Fluconazole150 mg orally single dose for Monilial infection. For trichomonal infection, Metronidazole 200 mg threetimes on day was prescribed to both husband and wife. In case of Vaginitis, Doxycycline 100 mg two timesa day was advised. For pruritus,local application of Betamethasone was given.ConclusionIt was noted that every third patient attending this clinic complained of vaginal discharge but 35% had noabnormality. By this study, the trend of vaginal infection seems to be changing.More Monilial thanTrichomonal infection was found in these patients, in earlier studies the incidence of Trichomonal infectionwas getting less and Monilial infection is getting higher.Key Words: Monilial infection, Trichomonas vaginitis, Non-specific vaginitis.</jats:p>

Original publication





Journal of Nepal Medical Association


Journal of Nepal Medical Association (JNMA)

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18 - 22