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Recent publications by Researchers affiliated with the Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health

Repeatability of adaptive traits among ethnic Tibetan highlanders.

Beall CM. et al, (2021), American journal of human biology : the official journal of the Human Biology Council

Intentional pesticide poisoning and pesticide suicides in Nepal.

Ghimire R. et al, (2021), Clinical toxicology (Philadelphia, Pa.), 1 - 7

Ethnic Tibetan mothers with larger lungs experience fewer child deaths


Prakash Adhikari: April 13, 1965 to October 23, 2020.

Zafren K. et al, (2021), Wilderness & environmental medicine, 32, 6 - 11

The Light Is Gone: Tribute to Prakash Adhikari, Executive Director of the Himalayan Rescue Association.

Basnyat B. et al, (2021), High altitude medicine & biology, 22, 3 - 4

Enteric fever

Basnyat B. et al, (2021), BMJ-BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL, 372

The emergence of azithromycin-resistant Salmonella Typhi in Nepal.

Duy PT. et al, (2020), JAC-antimicrobial resistance, 2

Gallbladder carriage generates genetic variation and genome degradation in Salmonella Typhi

Thanh Duy P. et al, (2020), PLOS Pathogens, 16, e1008998 - e1008998

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