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Recent publications by Researchers affiliated with the Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health

Sequence analysis of cell-free DNA derived from cultured human bone osteosarcoma (143B) cells

Journal article

Bronkhorst AJ. et al, (2018), Tumor Biology, 40, 101042831880119 - 101042831880119

The eBioKit, a stand-alone educational platform for bioinformatics

Journal article

Hernández-de-Diego R. et al, (2017), PLOS Computational Biology, 13, e1005616 - e1005616

Identification of SNP and SSR Markers in Finger Millet Using Next Generation Sequencing Technologies

Journal article

Gimode D. et al, (2016), PLOS ONE, 11, e0159437 - e0159437

eBioKit bioinformatics workshops in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Journal article

De Villiers EP. and Bongcam-Rudloff E., (2014), EMBnet.journal, 20, 755 - 755

Genome Sequence of Streptococcus agalactiae Strain 09mas018883, Isolated from a Swedish Cow

Journal article

Zubair S. et al, (2013), Genome Announcements, 1

Identification, validation and high-throughput genotyping of transcribed gene SNPs in cassava

Journal article

Ferguson ME. et al, (2012), Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 124, 685 - 695

ISCB Africa ASBCB Conference on Bioinformatics and eBioKit Workshop

Journal article

De Villiers E. et al, (2011), EMBnet.journal, 17, 7 - 7

TparvaDB: a database to support Theileria parva vaccine development

Journal article

Visendi P. et al, (2011), Database, 2011, bar015 - bar015

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