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Recent publications by Researchers affiliated with the Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health

The direct-medical costs associated with interferon-based treatment for Hepatitis C in Vietnam

Nguyen HA. et al, (2019), Wellcome Open Research, 4, 129 - 129

Viruses in Vietnamese Patients Presenting with Community-Acquired Sepsis of Unknown Cause

Anh NT. et al, (2019), Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 57

Viral etiology of community-acquired infection in Vietnam: unraveling the unknown by next-generation sequencing analysis


Detection and Characterization of Human Pegivirus 2, Vietnam

Anh NT. et al, (2018), Emerging Infectious Diseases, 24, 2063 - 2067

Projected costs associated with school-based screening to inform deployment of Dengvaxia: Vietnam as a case study

Turner HC. et al, (2018), Transactions of The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 112, 369 - 377

Molecular characterization of hepatitis B virus in Vietnam

Bui TTT. et al, (2017), BMC Infectious Diseases, 17

Genome Sequences of a Novel Vietnamese Bat Bunyavirus

Oude Munnink BB. et al, (2016), Genome Announcements, 4

P198: Hepatitis E virus circulation in humans, pigs and bats in Vietnam

(2015), Journal of Viral Hepatitis, 22, 119 - 120

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