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Proochista Ariana - Associate Professor

with Professor Proochista Ariana 

Associate Professor and IHTM Course Director, Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health

Caesar Atuire - Ethics Lead, MSc IHTM

and Professor Caesar Atuire 

Philosopher and health ethicist, Ethics Lead for IHTM, Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health

Introducing the HIE Podcast Series

Proochista talks to Bruno Holthof about the upcoming Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship, HIE, podcast series that Bruno will be presenting. The HIE podcasts provide a platform for entrepreneurs to share their vision on how innovation can help solve global health problems and what lessons these entrepreneurs have learnt during their journey. 

Read the transcript.

Beware - Understanding Evidence in Global Health

In the fourth IHTM podcast, Caesar asks the questions of Proochista and they discuss the importance of, and limitations to, using evidence in global health decision making and the need to be aware of all the factors that influence global health, not just data.

Read the transcript.

Breaking Down Barriers in Global Health

Proochista and Caesar discuss the barriers preventing equity in global health and how knowledge and expertise need to be redefined in order for global health decision making to be properly inclusive.

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Proochista and Caesar discuss how interdependence and collaboration in global health evolves into partnerships and whether these partnerships are equitable with all participants sharing the benefits. How are different values interpreted and respected within partnerships and what are the elements of trustworthiness that are required to build equitable partnerships. 

Read the transcript.

Decolonization in Global Health

Proochista and Caesar discuss the key features of colonization and how decolonization is trying to roll back the negative effects of colonization to create fair and equal global health for today.

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Introduction to the IHTM Podcast Series