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Head and shoulders photo of IHTM alumnus Amen Patrick NwosuAmen-Patrick Nwosu (IHTM2019)

Physician, global health scholar, and health systems researcher and analyst with experience in the services and development sub-sectors of Nigeria’s healthcare industry.


As a physician, I naturally dedicated my life to improving people’s health. Like every Nigerian that has encountered the nation’s healthcare system, my desire for health system transformation burned with urgency. However, neither my passion nor lived experiences was translatable to tangible change, at least, not until I became a student and graduate of Oxford University’s prestigious MSc IHTM – a feat that was only possible through the generous award of a fully funded scholarship.


Since becoming an IHTM alumnus in 2020, I have made more impact in two years than the entirety of my previous professional period. My post-IHTM portfolio includes research and programmatic roles in several health and development institutions, including the Infectious Diseases Data Observatory, the United Kingdom’s Collaborative on Development Research, and the World Health Organization. These roles enabled me to build upon the theoretical, methodological, and leadership expertise that I gained during my master’s programme, and to learn advanced techniques for tackling global health problems.

Ultimately, this journey that started with IHTM culminated in my clinching a prestigious, and fully funded, scholarship from Imperial College London as the first African awardee for the School of Public Health’s Global Health Analytics Unit. Best of all, I was able to argue for the importance of focusing parts of my work to benefit lower resourced countries. Hence, I am now working in Nigeria on improving the intelligent use of routine health data to optimize health outcomes by simultaneously developing two data rigorous models for the early detection of maternal sepsis in tertiary hospitals, both in the United Kingdom and in Nigeria.

I am well on my way to achieving my career vision, which remains the same as written in my Statement of Purpose for IHTM: to become Nigeria’s foremost health systems development expert.

The last word

"I cannot overstate the impact of IHTM and the Faculty on my growth and development as an early-career public health expert, and I am eternally grateful to my funders who are ultimately responsible for everything that I am becoming!"