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Head and shoulders photo of Saidat an IHTM alumna

Saidat Akanbi (IHTM 2015)

Public health physician working in the digital health space in Nigeria, coordinating social impact projects that are targeted at expanding family planning and primary health care services across South-West Nigeria.


Saidat is a public health physician with 12 years of professional experience in donor-funded program delivery, clinical care and public health research across Nigeria, Kenya, UK and the USA.


Using the experience that Saidat gained at Oxford as a STEMNet volunteer, she implemented a HealthySTEM project in 2016/18 which was recognised by the Clinton Global Initiative as committing to building Africa's next generation of women leaders in STEM. Through a unique mix of STEM, career and health education activities, HealthySTEM engaged schoolgirls aged 9-18 years in Nigeria’s secondary schools, taught them menstrual hygiene and adolescent health, and inspired them to stay in school and pursue STEM careers.

Saidat also runs a non-profit initiative that has to-date offered end-to-end breast cancer services (education, training, screening, and linkage to treatment, funds and social support systems) to 1200 women. She sits on the board of Association of Friends Against Childhood Cancers (AFACC), a non-profit organization providing on-the-ward kids’ libraries to oncology wards in Nigeria and advocating for improved facility-care for children with cancers.

Saidat has continued to develop her knowledge and skills including studying Public Health at Boston University, USA.