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Alberto Olliaro

Software Engineer and Data Scientist

Public health intelligence to counter falsified medical products

Alberto is a computer scientist and software engineer who spent the last decade working on various domains of computer science, from software engineering to machine learning, Despite the different angles and approaches used in his work, the constant has always been “health”. From an early experience with malaria data collection in Senegal to being the architect of digital health solutions, he has continuously nurtured a passion for public health.

In the past, he worked on the Infectious Diseases Data Observatory (IDDO) data platform to create a data-sharing environment [] for COVID-19 and NTDs.

He joined the Medicine Quality Research Group in 2022 and has started a DPhil to research the trading routes of falsified medicines. Network analysis will be used to map trade routes and geographical nodes, identifying where increased inspection and regulation may be most effective as well as to inform risk assessment, interventions, and optimisation of surveillance.


2014 Master of Science in Computer Science, University of Geneva. Image processing and classification of pharmaceutical packages.

Previous Experience

2018-2020 IT Consultant for Infectious Diseases Data Observatory (IDDO): digital architect of the health data platform. Full-stack developer and project lead.

2017 IT Consultant Inceptus Technologies: Full-stack software Engineer for web platforms.

2015-2016 Project Leader for the TaM R&D team: elderly health and mobility through portable and smart devices.

2012-2014 Intern and Consultant for WorldWide Antimalarial Research Network (WWARN): Full-stack developer on the In-Vitro Analysis and Reporting Tool (IVART).

Team: Medicine Quality Research Group

New Richards Building
Old Road Campus
Roosevelt Drive