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Professor Anthony Scott

Professor Anthony Scott

Anthony Scott

Visiting Professor of Vaccinology

Invasive Bacterial Diseases

Anthony Scott is based in Kilifi, Kenya, where he leads a group focused on invasive bacterial diseases of children. His interests lie in the evaluation of vaccines, particularly against Hib and the pneumococcus; the epidemiology of invasive bacterial infections and their interaction with malaria: the transmission of Streptococcus pneumoniae among children in Kenya; host susceptibility to pneumococcal disease; the aetiology of pneumonia in children; and the social and epidemiological determinants of mortality in children. He is the co-director, with Tom Williams, of the Kilifi Health and Demographic Surveillance System (KHDSS), a population-based surveillance of vital events and migration among 250,000 people linked to morbidity surveillance Kilifi District Hospital.  

Anthony works closely with the Ministry of Health in Kenya providing disease burden, vaccine effectiveness, and cost effectiveness data to inform vaccine policy decisions. Current vaccine trials involve (a) a Fractional dose study of PCV10 and PCV13 (b) first use of a GMMA bivalent vaccine against non-typhoidal Salmonella. He also works on serosurveillance for SARS-CoV-2 and the vaccine effectiveness of COVID vaccines.

Beyond Kenya, he directs the Ethiopia site for the CHAMPS project – a study of post-mortem biopsy tissue to determine cause of death in children and works in Nigeria, Ethiopia and DRC on the use of pneumococcal carriage studies and mathematical modelling to inform Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine policy.