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Arjun Chandna


Research Physician

  • Clinical Research Fellow
  • Specialist Registrar in Infectious Diseases & Medical Microbiology


Arjun is a clinical researcher in the Cambodia Oxford Medical Research Unit (COMRU). He has worked within the MORU Tropical Health Network since 2018. He is enthusiastic about using research to develop capacity for clinical infection services in settings where it is lacking.

Arjun's research focuses on the syndromic management of febrile illness, and specifically around the early recognition of children at risk of progression to sepsis. He completed his DPhil, supported by a Wellcome Trust Doctoral Training Fellowship, between 2019-2023, for which he was awarded runner up in the NDM Overall Prize.

The overarching theme of his research is to develop and evaluate pragmatic, context-appropriate, prognostic tools that can help healthcare providers better identify patients at risk of poor outcomes and guide resource stewardship. Work is conducted in collaboration with Angkor Hospital for Children, Médecins Sans Frontières, and the Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at the University of Oxford.

Arjun is a member of the team leading the South and Southeast Asian Community-based Trials Network project, part of the Wellcome Trust’s ‘Innovation in LMICs’ Flagship.