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Benjamin Jones

DPhil Student of Clinical Medicine


  • Doctor of Medicine (MD), University of New South Wales 2021
  • Graduate Diploma of Health Management, University of New South Wales, 2019
  • Bachelor of Medical Studies, University of New South Wales, 2018

Previous Experience

Ben completed his medical studies in Sydney, Australia. During this time, he had experience working on strategy and governance with multiple health and education not-for-profit organisations as a non-executive director. 

Ben is supported by a Rhodes Scholarship and Nuffield Department of Medicine Prize Studentship to work with the Health Systems Collaborative team.


Title: Program theory and use with application to echocardiographic screening for Rheumatic Heart Disease through task sharing.

My thesis explores the program theory underpinning task sharing echocardiographic screening for Rheumatic Heart Disease. I will use theory-based evaluation approaches such as theory of change and realist evaluation to answer the questions of how, why, for whom, under what circumstances, to what extent regarding echocardiographic screening. To develop skills in this methodology I did pilot work co-designing a theory of change with teams in India and Indonesia. My fieldwork will  be in Australia and East-Timor.

Team: Graduate Students

New Richards Building
Old Road Campus
Roosevelt Drive