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Dr Cherry Lim

Dr Cherry Lim

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Cherry Lim

Post-doctoral researcher

Cherry Lim is a post-doctoral researcher working in Ben Cooper’s DRIaDD group based in Oxford. Her research interests are in epidemiology of antibiotic-resistant infections and antibiotic use. She completed a DPhil in 2022 on projects focusing on hospital-acquired drug-resistant bacterial infections and antimicrobial-resistance surveillance system in Southeast Asia. Here is her career story on the Wellcome’s Research Careers examples page. 

Her current work uses causal inference to help quantify burden of antimicrobial-resistant infections. This involves applying counterfactual framework to analyse the relationship between antibiotic-resistant infections and patient mortality using longitudinal data. Her work also uses mathematical modelling to help understand the co-existence of antibiotic resistant and sensitive strains of bacteria over time. She is looking for collaboration on microbiology data to inform parameter values of the models and to fit the models. The work will help to design preventive interventions to control the spread of antimicrobial-resistant infections. The project is funded by the Wellcome Trust. 

Additional project included cost-effectiveness of enhanced surveillance system in Timor-Leste, evaluating impact of empirical antibiotic use on patient survival to inform antibiotic use policy, and collaborative project with Direk Limmathurotsakul on developing tools for antimicrobial resistant surveillance system.