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Ed Gibbs

Ed Gibbs

Edward Gibbs

Director of Finance and Operations

Ed leads the Centre’s administration team and plays a key strategic role in the management and development of the Centre, including financial planning and risk management. He works closely with the Chief Operating Officers and Directors based at the Wellcome Africa and Asia Programmes in Kenya, Thailand and Viet Nam in order to provide support and resources. He plays a lead role in the strategic management and direction of the Centre as a full member of the Centre’s senior management team.

Ed has the responsibilities of a Departmental Administrator with respect to the day-to-day management of the Centre’s support staff who sit within the student, grants, financial management, reporting, communications and Human Resources functions. The Centre directly employs circa 200 researchers based around the world and administers over 200 research grants with an annual turnover of £55m and a portfolio in excess of £350m. Ed is responsible for supporting in the risk management of this portfolio which sits across multiple geographies.

Team: Oxford Administration

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