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Professor Frank Smithuis

Professor Frank Smithuis

Podcast interview

Fighting malaria in Myanmar

Although malaria is decreasing in Myanmar, resistance to anti-malarials is on the rise in the region and the focus is now to treat people early, particularly in remote communities. MOCRU has set up a large network of 1850 community health workers, trained and supplied with diagnostics, treatments and bednets, to help improve access to healthcare as well as produce the evidence to encourage policy changes.

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Frank Smithuis

Professor of Tropical Medicine

Myanmar Oxford Clinical Research Unit

Frank's interests include the epidemiology and management of artemisinin resistant malaria, the aetiology and management of fever, and the management of TB, HIV and opportunistic infections.

The research unit is linked to a network of 18 clinics and 2040 Community Health Workers in remote areas. Most research questions originate from the day to day health issues in this network.

For example, the identification of children with severe rickets in remote communities in Naga region in Northwest Myanmar lead to a large rickets treatment project and an investigation into the aetiology of rickets in this seemingly sun-rich region.

Effect of a single dose of primaquine on Plasmodium falciparum gametocyte carriage after ACT
A finger prick for a child with fever