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Ifeanyi Onah

Research Fellow, Infectious Disease Modelling

Based currently at the Big Data Institute, Dr Ifeanyi Onah is a Research fellow in infectious disease modelling interested in developing mathematical models to evaluate the impact of different control programmes for neglected tropical diseases.  

Dr Ifeanyi holds a BSc degree (Mathematics Education), an MSc in Applied Mathematics, PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka specializing in mathematical modelling of infectious diseases and another PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Glasgow specializing in Riemann problems in the retinal circulation. He previously was an assistant lecturer in Applied Mathematics, University of Nigeria, Nsukka and recently joined the NTD Consortium at University of Oxford as a research fellow.

His current job entails data analysis and modelling of trachoma, a bacterial infection and leading cause of blindness globally. He will be evaluating the impact of the trachoma control programme in collaboration with other stakeholders. His research will also focus on a range of epidemiological, surveillance and programmatic data, statistical and mechanistic models across the NTDs for real world impact.

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