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Jack Bercovici

DPhil Student


    • BSc Chemistry, University of Bristol 2022
    • CertHE Law, University of Bristol 2019


    • Rosalind Franklin Institute and University of Edinburgh 2022-23


    • Photodroplets: A Light-Controllable Method Of Unpicking Phase Separation Biology​
    • Jack is a PhD student at the Rosalind Franklin Institute, undertaking an interdisciplinary project in collaboration with the University of Oxford. He is using chemical strategies in order to understand membraneless organelles (MlOs) and the process of phase separation by which they form. His aim is to develop to light-based methods of control which may be utilised in cell to see how MlOs are instrumental to the cell cycle and disease pathogenesis.

    The Peter Medawar Building
    Nuffield Dept of Medicine
    University of Oxford,
    South Parks Road
    OX1 3SY