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Dr Le Van Tan

Dr Le Van Tan

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Le Van Tan

Wellcome Trust International Intermediate Fellow

Emerging Infections

Since 2013 Dr Le Van Tan is a member of the Wellcome Trust Fellows. His Training Fellowship aimed to study molecular epidemiology of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease in Vietnam and its implication for vaccine development and implementation. Currently, he holds a Wellcome Trust Intermediate Fellowship to study the translational potential of new technologies such as mass spectrometry and next-generation sequencing in patients with brain infections in Vietnam, and an NIH funding support to explore novel cause(s) of sepsis in Southeast Asia. His early work focused on pathogen discovery, which led the to discovery of a novel cyclovirus in 4% of Vietnamese patients with encephalitis.

As an independent investigator, his aim is to develop local and national expertise within Vietnam and the wider region so that ongoing and future emerging infectious disease challenges can be addressed from within the affected regions and communities.

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease in Vietnam

Monthly distribution of clinical HFMD cases who were PCR positive for EV-A71 or non-EV-A71 EVs, and clinical cases with severe HFMD enrolled in the study, Vietnam during the outbreak in 2018

Vietnamese and global strains of pegivirus

Maximum-likelihood phylogenetic tree depicting the relationship between the Vietnamese and global strains of the novel pegivirus