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Micheal Deats

Micheal Deats

Michael Deats

Honorary Visiting Research Fellow

Michael Deats became an Honorary Visiting Research Fellow in tropical medicine with the Medicine Quality Research Group of IDDO in 2020.

His areas of research encompass medicine quality, improving regulatory oversight and the prevention, detection and response to substandard and falsified medical products.

Prior to that he headed the WHO global programme, and established the global surveillance and monitoring system, for substandard and falsified medical products (2011-2019).

Michael was the head of enforcement at the Medicine and Healthcare Product Regulatory Agency (2006-2011), he was the author of the first MHRA falsified medicine and enforcement strategies and led the investigation into the largest case of falsified medicines in Europe (2007-10). Michael was the originator of Operation Pangea tackling the illegal online supply of medicine, an operation now in its 12th year, involving over 100 Countries and led by INTERPOL.

Michael was a Police Officer for 30 years (1975-2005) specialising in serious and organised crime, and cybercrime, retiring in the rank of Detective Superintendent.

He has worked in over 60 countries.