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Myo Maung Maung Swe

DPhil Student of Clinical Medicine

  • Research Coordinator


Myo is a clinician working as a research coordinator at Myanmar Oxford Clinical Research Unit (MOCRU) since 2015.  

After earning medical degree from University of Medicine, Mandalay (Myanmar) in 2008, he worked as a clinician in a private hospital for two years. In 2010, he joined University of Medicine, Mandalay as a teaching staff at the department of preventive and social medicine. He completed Master of Public Health in epidemiology and biostatistics  at The University of Melbourne in 2014. 

Since joining to MOCRU in 2015, Myo has involved in a number of studies and clinical trials related to tropical infectious diseases conducted in Myanmar. He has recently involved in a controlled-randomized clinical trial investigating effect of point of care CRP-testing on antibiotic prescription and management of febrile patients in primary care facilities in Myanmar and Northern Thailand. His main interests include infectious disease epidemiology mainly on febrile illnesses and strategies to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in resource limited settings.

Currently, he is trying to evaluate the impact of point of care tests and use of clinical algorithms for management of acute febrile illnesses attending primary care clinics in Myanmar.

In 2018, he started DPhil at Nuffield Department of Medicine in University of Oxford with the support of Tropical Network Funding.


Designing empirical antibiotic regimens for acute febrile illness in Myanmar.