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Dr Natalie Tegama

Dr Natalie Tegama

Natalie Tegama

Postdoctoral Researcher in Global Health Ethics

Natalie Tegama, PhD is an interdisciplinary scholar and postdoctoral researcher in Global Health Ethics. In her current role she works on a Wellcome Discovery Research Platforms project called ANTITHESES: Platform for Transformative Inclusivity in Ethics and Humanities Research. ANTITHESES focuses on generating tools for engaging meaningfully with radical value disagreements, polarisation, and informational uncertainty characteristic of contemporary medical science, practice, and policy.

Dr Tegama’s work concerns questions around moral pluralism and the implications of divergent ethical viewpoints on global health ethics. She explores concepts from the global south, more specifically, African value systems, meanings of life, sources of value disagreement and models of radical value negotiation/resolution with the view to develop inclusive and equitable models of ethical engagement and deliberation for global health ethics. Her work on the demarginalization of philosophies of the global south uses decolonial concepts and pluriversality to explore how philosophies of the global south can inform bioethics and the broader research ethics landscape. With a view to develop ethical frameworks that are reflective of the multiplicity of value systems across the African continent, she leverages her broad experience working across the continent to inform her work in practical ethics. 

Previously, she has worked in education, global health policy and within academia where her work focused on interrogating the ethics that undergird One Health policies in Africa. Subsequently, developing ethically sound digital health tools to support equitable, contextually appropriate approaches to mitigating antimicrobial resistance. More broadly, she has worked on developing digital health tools for health system strengthening within resource constrained settings including research on digital health tools for advancing timely diagnosis of cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr Tegama is currently an Adjunct Lecturer in Public Health at The University of Zimbabwe where she supervises research students.