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Dr Raph L Hamers

Dr Raph L Hamers

Podcast interview

Indonesia is a very populous country with a huge burden of infectious diseases such as TB, malaria, HIV and CNS infections. Running clinical trials requires high levels of expertise, currently developed and strengthened by institutions such as IOCRL (Universities of Indonesia and Oxford Clinical Research laboratory). Better collaborations will also help great ideas make a bigger impact.

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Raph Hamers


Senior Clinician Scientist

  • Manager of the Universities of Indonesia and Oxford Clinical Research Laboratory (IOCRL)
  • Senior Clinician Scientist
  • Infectious Disease Physician
  • Group Leader


Raph Hamers is an internist and infectious disease physician based at the Eijkman-Oxford Clinical Research Unit (EOCRU) in Jakarta, Indonesia.

EOCRU was created in 2007 by agreement between the Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biolology (EIMB, Ministry of Science & Technology) and the University of Oxford to collaborate on clinical, laboratory, and field research on infectious diseases of public health importance in Indonesia, and is part of the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Vietnam (OUCRU). 

His research to date has been centred on the clinical management, epidemiology and public health aspects of HIV, particularly drug-resistant HIV and chronic immune dysregulation, with over 10 years of experience in research projects in sub-Saharan Africa. He holds a PhD (Cum Laude) from the University of Amsterdam, is the recipient of a post-doctoral fellowship from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research through the Innovational Research Incentives Scheme (Veni), and holds honorary positions at the Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam. His major areas of interest are in HIV and opportunistic infections, tuberculosis, antimicrobial drug resistance, diagnostics, and in multidisciplinary approaches to improve health outcomes in low-resource settings.

He is the Manager of the newly established Universities of Indonesia and Oxford Clinical Research Laboratory (IOCRL), situated on the Salemba campus of the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia (FKUI) in central Jakarta. The IOCRL facility serves as the administrative, regulatory, and technical hub for clinical trials, and provides an integrated medium for broader engagement with its principal partners (FKUI, EIMB, Oxford tropical network, and others) in training, education, public engagement, and development of a broader collaborative clinical research agenda. Current clinical trials at IOCRL include: i) adjunctive dexamethasone in tuberculous meningitis in HIV-infected adults (ACT-HIV); ii) Tafenoquine for the radical cure of Plasmodium vivax malaria (INSPECTOR); iii) Plasmodium falciparum sporozoite vaccine (PfSPZ).

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