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Reshania Naidoo

Population Health, EY -Oxford Health Analytics Consortium Lead – EY Digital Health Excellence Centre (Europe, Middle East, India, Africa)

Dr Reshania Naidoo

Reshania is the Population Health Lead for the Ernst&Young(EY) Digital Health Excellence Centre covering Europe, Middle East, India and Africa. She recently led a landmark evaluation of the UK'S COVID19 testing response as the co-chief investigator, which employed economic, statistical, modelling and qualitative methods to assess the public health impact of the UK COVID-19 response through formation of the EY-Oxford Health Analytics consortium, which has contributed to the UK Government national COVID inquiry and international pandemic preparedness strategies. Prior to this, her role at EY London has focused on enabling the national health system resilience during and post covid-19 through various transformation levers, including the deployment of novel technologies, population health data analytics & modelling strategies and multi-disciplinary partnerships (between policy, academia and industry), for clients ranging from local hospital level to national bodies such as UKHSA and NHS England. She originally trained as a medical doctor in general practice and acute care, focused on infectious diseases, mainly HIV and TB, practising in both South Africa and the NHS(London & Oxford). 


Naidoo, R., Andersen-Waine, B., Dahal, P., Dickinson, S., Lambert, B., Mills, M.C., Molyneux, C., Rowe, E., Pinto-Duschinsky, S., Stepniewska, K., Shretta, R., Voysey, M., Wanat, M., Yenidogan, G. and White, L.J. (2022). A multistage mixed-methods evaluation of the UKHSA testing response during the COVID-19 pandemic in England. doi:10.1101/2022.10.27.22281604. 

Reshania, N. (2020). Excess mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic: a case study of Oxfordshire [Master's thesis]. University of Oxford. ORA link: