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Reshania Naidoo

Physician-researcher and Public Health Management Consultant

Dr Reshania Naidoo

Dr Reshania Naidoo is a physician-researcher and public health management consultant who has worked across both South Africa and the UK. She has had a diverse career to date, focused on improving population health outcomes through its various levers for change, such as health policy, operational/quality improvement, digital health innovations and workforce optimisation, to name a few. She completed her medical training in South Africa, concurrently completing an NIH-Fogarty Fellowship with Africa's largest AIDS NGO, where her work focused on running clinical trials, treatment programmes and local outbreak responses for HIV and drug-resistant TB.

Thereafter, Reshania moved to the UK, as a Clinical Fellow at Guys & St Thomas Hospital in London, which lent itself the unique opportunity as a clinician to focus on NHS health system strengthening initiatives alongside her clinical responsibilities. She has since continued this theme into similar healthcare management roles in the NHS, culminating in her current role as a management consultant with Ernst & Young, London, where she works with the c-suite of healthcare organisations and national policymakers (such as UKHSA, hospitals, Directorates of Public Health, big pharma) to advise on and implement complex programmes ranging from digital transformation to pandemic recovery strategies.  

She is currently the research lead and co-PI for the EY-Oxford Health Analytics consortium, leading a landmark evaluation of the COVID-19 pandemic testing response in England funded by the UK government, together with Professor Lisa White (BDI–Oxford). Being incredibly passionate about capacity building in Global Health, Reshania has also co-founded Leading Impact and Transformation(LIT) Health Africa, an initiative which aims to train future healthcare leaders and build healthcare management skills in Africa. 


Naidoo, R., Andersen-Waine, B., Dahal, P., Dickinson, S., Lambert, B., Mills, M.C., Molyneux, C., Rowe, E., Pinto-Duschinsky, S., Stepniewska, K., Shretta, R., Voysey, M., Wanat, M., Yenidogan, G. and White, L.J. (2022). A multistage mixed-methods evaluation of the UKHSA testing response during the COVID-19 pandemic in England. doi:10.1101/2022.10.27.22281604. 


Reshania, N. (2020). Excess mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic: a case study of Oxfordshire [Master's thesis]. University of Oxford. ORA link: