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Dr Sabine Dittrich

Dr Sabine Dittrich

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Sabine Dittrich

Honorary Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Sabine Dittrich is a public health microbiologist passionate about diagnostic and how we can best utilize different tools and interventions to support patient management and public health interventions. Her work has predominantly focused on the epidemiology of zoonoitic and vector-borne diseases and how the lack of diagnostic tools impacts patient management and care decisions, including the overuse of antibiotics. She has been supporting the development of appropriate diagnostic tools from the local level at the Lao-Oxford-Mahosot Hospital-Wellcome Trust Research Unit to the global level in Geneva at FIND, the global alliance for diagnostic. Sabine’s research utilizes laboratory and clinical studies to understand the use of diagnostic tools and pragmatic use data to inform product development, diagnostic algorithms, and strategies.

Sabine holds an engineering degree in Biotechnolgy (Dipl. Ing), a PhD in Biomolecular Science from the University of Manchester (UK) and subsequently completed a fellowship with the European CDC on public health microbiology (EPIET/EUPHEM) and outbreak response, based at the Dutch National Institute of Public Health.


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