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Thomas Lamb

Snake Bite Coordinator

Thomas Lamb is a project coordinator for antivenom research at MOCRU and the 1st Hamish Ogston Foundation Fellow. His prior clinical experience with snake-bite envenoming in India, Bangladesh and UK has resulted in a desire to improve antivenom availability and affordability to those who need it most in a timely manner.

Snake bite in Myanmar is the leading cause of acute kidney injury requiring dialysis and is estimated to cause 1,250 death/year. The principal objective of this work is to conduct a dose-finding study of a novel lyophilized Daboia siamensis antivenom produced in Myanmar. The optimal dose will seek to reverse the effects of venom in a single dose whilst limiting the incidence of severe adverse reactions. In addition to the dose-finding trial, we plan to investigate snake-bite diagnostics including the 20-minute whole blood clotting test, perform a pharmacokinetic assessment of venom in humans and describe the Daboia siamensis envenoming sequelae.