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Win Zaw

Win Zaw

Win Zaw

GIS & Data Specialist (Myanmar)

MORU Epidemiology

Win Zaw works as a GIS & Data Specialist in the Data Sciences team of the Epidemiology Department at Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU). Based in Yangon, Myanmar, Win’s interests include GIS and geospatial and statistical analysis, risk mapping, and data repository development. Holder of an honours BSc in Computing & Information Systems from London Metropolitan University, Win’s research contributions include studying spatio-temporal analysis of Malaria and Dengue, analysing association of vector borne disease and climate, environment and population.

Most recently, Win has:

  • Analysed malaria and dengue surveillance data in Myanmar in combination with demographic and geographic data to describe spatial and temporal patterns and their relationship to meteorological and environmental factors.
  • Conducted statistical analyses of surveillance data, and forecast disease incidence using non-disease variables.
  • Conducted analysis of the density of health delivery units, and access to diagnosis and treatment along with population data.
  • Helped to strengthen surveillance systems with geo-enabling of location registries in collaboration with partners.
  • Advocated for, and supported, the Myanmar National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) on GIS technology, mapping, and integrating surveillance systems into geo-enabled systems.
  • Worked with MORU Epidemiology’s Health Geo Lab Secretariat and the Myanmar Department of Public Health’s pilot study on good data management practice, accessibility to healthcare and geographic coverage and referral time analysis.
  • Provided GIS and data training support to government staff in the Ministry of Health in Myanmar.