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Wirichada Pan-ngum

Wirichada Pan-ngum

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Wirichada Pan-ngum

Associate Professor

  • Honorary Visiting Research Fellow
  • Acting Head of MAEMOD


Wirichada Pan-Ngum’s research mainly involves using a mixed approach including modelling and field surveys to gain better understanding of transmission routes of zoonotic diseases and the Human-Animal-Ecosystems interface. Her current work focuses on leptospirosis, one of many long-term health problems for agricultural workers in Thailand. Her model explores the importance of these environmental factors as well as the risk of disease exposure during traditional rice farming activities in relation to the incidence of human leptospirosis. Her other research interests include dengue, human contact patterns and population dynamics for infectious disease modelling.

In addition to her work at MORU, Wirichada is an Associate Professor in the Department of Tropical Hygiene, Faculty of Tropical Medicine at Mahidol University. She teaches biostatistics and mathematical modelling. In addition, she serves as a project advisor for postgraduates on the Tropical Medicine and Biomedical and Health Informatics courses.

Leptospirosis in Thailand
Field work in Northeast Thailand
Field survey on mixing contact patterns in migrant workers, Thailand