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The first-ever dedicated academic conference on Medicine Quality & Public Health took place in Oxford, United Kingdom, from 23 – 28 September 2018. It brought together people from a diversity of sectors working in this field, such as public health, national regulatory authorities, pharmacy, biomedical, chemistry, law, ethics, cultural and social sciences, the pharmaceutical industry, international organisations, NGOs, national procurement centres, and internet and pharmaceutical forensics. The Oxford statement was released shortly after the conference – read more below. A fuller statement will be published in 2019.

Group photo of participants to the conference, with Keble College in the background © CTMGH

About the MQPH 2018 Conference

Globally, medicine regulatory authorities, research groups, international organisations, law enforcement agencies and other key stakeholders, including the pharmaceutical industry, are trying to keep patients safe and ensure that the benefits of modern medicine are delivered to patients. However, organisations working in this field tend to be fragmented with the wide diversity of professionals required to tackle this important issue, from chemists to lawyers, rarely discussing solutions together.

Oxford Statement following the MQPH 2018 Conference

The Oxford Statement was developed and signed by the conference delegates, and released shortly after the conference.

Speakers at the MQPH 2018 Conference

The conference was proud to welcome prominent speakers from academia, government agencies, international organisations, funders and pharmaceutical industry.

MQPH 2018 Conference sponsors

We are very grateful to the following sponsors for their support to fund delegates from LMICs.

MQPH 2018 Journalism fellowship

Accurate journalistic reporting is essential to ensure that the public are aware of the dangers of falsified and substandard medicines but are not discouraged from taking appropriate medicines and seeking medical advice. Therefore, the 2018 Global Health Journalism Fellowship invited outstanding young journalists to participate in the first ever international conference on Medicine Quality and Public Health at the University of Oxford, from 23-28 September.

Presentation summary drawings for MQPH 2018

For the duration of the conference, professional cartoonist Alex Hughes from Drawnalism illustrated key moments of conference presentations.

MQPH 2018 Conference partners

The first-ever academic conference on Medicine Quality & Public Health was supported by numerous partners from academia, government organisations, international organisations, NGOs and funders.

MQPH 2018 photo gallery

There is no doubt participants enjoyed their time at the conference!