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The first-ever academic conference on Medicine Quality & Public Health was supported by numerous partners from academia, government organisations, international organisations, NGOs and funders.

Logos of the numerous Partners of the MQPH Conference: Access to Medicine Foundation; APLMA Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance; Belgium UN Security Council; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Boston University School of Public Health; Concept Foundation; Commonwealth Pharmacists Association; EAC Regional Centre of Excellence; EPN Ecunemical Pharmaceutical Network; Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp; International Alliance of Patients' Organizations; FIP International Pharmaceutical Federation; Kanazawa University Medi-Quality Security; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; Lund University; MEDS Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies; MMV Medicine for Malaria Venture; Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences; QUAMED Quality Medicines for all; Transparency International; University College Londond School of Pharmacy; University of Notre Dame College of Science; Universitat Tubingen; Lund University joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology; USP US Pharmacopeia; Wellcome; WHO