Globally, medicine regulatory authorities, research groups, international organisations, law enforcement agencies and other key stakeholders, including the pharmaceutical industry, are trying to keep patients safe and ensure that the benefits of modern medicine are delivered to patients. However, organisations working in this field tend to be fragmented with the wide diversity of professionals required to tackle this important issue, from chemists to lawyers, rarely discussing solutions together.

There has never been an opportunity for the diverse stakeholders involved in medicine quality and drug regulation to come together – within the framework of a specific academic conference – to share ideas and expertise, and to outline the coordinated steps that need to be taken to tackle the problem on an international scale.

Drawing on the achievements of our successful, annual, multidisciplinary course on the Quality of Medical Products & Public Health, we are organising the first-ever dedicated academic and programmatic conference on Medicine Quality and Public Health. The first MQPH Conference is scheduled for 23-28 September 2018, and will be held at Keble College in Oxford, UK.

We expect to attract people from a diversity of backgrounds: public health, national  medicine regulatory authorities, pharmacists, biomedical scientists, chemists, lawyers, ethicists, cultural scientists, social scientists, public health education and engagement specialists, international organisations (such as the Global Fund, United Nations Children’s Fund, and World Health Organization), non-governmental organisations both local and international, development partners/donors in health, national procurement centres, and scientists working on internet and pharmaceutical forensics. As the field is young and fragmented, we believe that all will benefit from this networking and discussion opportunity.