Visa Information

Delegates are requested to make their own arrangements for a UK entry visa (if required) and travel insurance cover. At request we will provide a letter to support your UK visa application.
Visitors from within the European Economic Area and Switzerland do not need a visa to travel to the UK; more information. For all other visitors a Standard Visitor visa can be obtained for short-term leisure or business-related visits to the UK. The cost is £89.00

Health and Travel Insurance

The NHS (National Health Service) in England is a residence-based system, which means all visitors to the UK may need to pay for health care depending on their circumstances:

  • Visitors from the EEA or Switzerland will need a valid EHIC insurance card issued by your home country.

  • Visitors from outside the EEA must be covered for personal medical and travel insurance. If you do not have this you could be charged at 150% of the standard NHS rate.

  • There are some exemptions, details of which can be found via link – it is advised that you read this information carefully.

*Please note all travel, visa, health & travel insurance costs are the responsibility of the traveller – these personal costs will not be reimbursed.*

Currency and ATMs: 

Currency is £ Pound Sterling, there are numerous ATMs around Oxford (for locations please see the map below).

Plug Sockets: 

 These are 3-pinned sockets, please bring the appropriate adaptor.

Time Zone: 

 During the September conference the time zone in the UK will be British Summer Time (BST).


 The temperature in the UK in late September is likely to be from +15 to 20 degrees Celsius and it may be rainy. It would be advisable to bring light clothing for the day, warm clothing for the cooler evenings and a waterproof or an umbrella.

Water:  Almost all water that comes out of the taps in the UK is drinking water.

Pharmacy (with late opening hours)  –  Boots the Chemist Located in the city centre, open 8:00-22:00 Monday-Saturday, and 11:00-17:00 on Sunday +44 (0)1865 247461.


  1. Sainsbury’s is a small supermarket selling essentials. It is a short walk away (approx. 10 minutes),  open from 7am until 12 midnight; 7 Magdalen Street, Oxford, OX1 3AD.

  2. Tesco is another small supermarket selling essentials. It is a short walk away (approx. 10 minutes),  open from 7am until 12 midnight; Magdalen Street, Oxford, OX1 3AD.

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