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Over 50 students and research staff across 11 departments attended a one-day DPhil forum on implementation science and health systems research on July 10th, organised by the Health Systems Collaborative group, NDM-Centre for Global Health Research with support from the Oxford Global Health and Care Systems Society.

Group photo of participants to the DPhil Forum 2023

The forum included four sessions of DPhil presentations focusing on experiences using secondary data, policy and advocacy and ethics, conceptual framework and fieldwork challenges. Twelve DPhil students across NDM, Primary Care Health Sciences, Population Health, International Development, and Government showcased their research with practical recommendations and implications provided for DPhil research projects.

The forum featured keynote presentations from Prof. Tim Colburn and Dr. Nehla Djellouli, from University College London on the evaluation of the multi-country, multilateral Quality Care Network, followed by a session on research funding opportunities for early career researchers in applied health research. The afternoon session also included a panel discussion on career trajectories after a DPhil in health policy and systems research, featuring panel members from different sectors and roles.

Participants highly appreciated the forum as it fostered cross-department and cross-division learning, and provided a great opportunity for students and research staff to network. The forum is organised by Yingxi Zhao, Abdulazeez Iman, Benjamin Jones, with support from Melvin Obadha, Francis Ayomoh, Diana Reyes Valencia and Prof. Mike English.