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The Global Health Network Conference Proceedings 2022 – a collection of abstracts for the "Enabling Health Research in Every Healthcare Setting Conference", held on 24–25 November 2022 at the University of Cape Town, South Africa – are now published.

TGHN Conference banner

10 Years of addressing inequity in where research happens, who leads & who benefits.

To tackle disease we need evidence to be generated through every type of health research study. This conference aimed to bring together health research teams, organisations, health-workers, policy makers and practitioners to explore together how health research can be embedded into every healthcare setting.

The Global Health Network also celebrated 10 years of mobilising research skills, know-how and methods to foster capable teams that generate new treatment strategies and prevention mechanisms that reduce the burden of disease within communities.

The abstracts are presented by session and cover:

  • Fostering Leadership and Building Lasting Capable Research Teams
  • Ensuring Research Findings are Taken Up into Policy and Practice
  • Enabling Health Research in Every Healthcare Setting (in two parts)
  • Engaging the Community in Every Step of the Research Cycle
  • Improving Health Research Methods and Processes
  • Preventing Pandemics with Responsive Research Systems
  • Generating New Evidence from Data Related to Health
  • Women in Research

Visit the Conference Proceedings on TGHN website