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Our research activities are based in Africa and Asia, as well as across several sites in Oxford.

Brian Angus

Professor and Reader in Infectious Diseases

Proochista Ariana

Associate Professor

Carine Asnong

IHTM Teaching Associate

Caesar Atuire

Ethics Lead, MSc IHTM

James Berkley

Professor of Paediatric Infectious Diseases

Katrina Charles

Lecturer, Water and Sanitation

Jonathan Cook

Lecturer, statistics

Jane Crawley

Lecturer in Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal, Child & Adolescent Health (RMNCAH)

Prabin Dahal

Research Fellow

Simon Drysdale

Lecturer, Vaccinology

Mike English

Professor of International Child Health

Andrew Farlow

Lecturer, Economics

Stuart Gietel-Basten

Teaching Fellow, Demography

Sarah Gilbert

Lecturer, Vaccinology

Philippe Guérin

Professor of Epidemiology and Global Health

Ernest Guevarra

Teaching Fellow, Spatial Epidemiology

Mainga Hamaluba

Associate Professor

Adrian Hill

Professor of Vaccinology

Bruno Holthof

Visiting Professor of Health Innovation

Peter Horby

Moh Family Foundation Professor of Emerging Infections and Global Health

Caroline Jones

Associate Professor

Dorcas Kamuya

Wellcome fellow

Claire Keene

DPhil Candidate

Dominic Kelly

Lecturer, Vaccinology

Evelyne Kestelyn

Head of the Clinical Trials Unit

Sonia Lewycka

Associate Professor

Yoel Lubell

Professor of Global Health

Marta Maia

Principal Investigator

Anne Makena

Programme Coordinator

Kevin Marsh

Professor of Tropical Medicine

Vicki Marsh

Associate Professor

Rose McGready

Professor of Tropical Maternal and Child Health

Jacob McKnight

Senior researcher

Aronrag Meeyai

Epidemiology, Statistics, and Health Economics module lead for MSc in ...

Catherine (Sassy) Molyneux

Professor of Global Health

Mavuto Mukaka

Associate Professor

Reshania Naidoo

Population Health, EY -Oxford Health Analytics Consortium Lead – EY Digital ...

Roger Nascimento

Postdoctoral Researcher

Alice Norton

Lead of PSI Policy and Practice Research Group

Wirichada Pan-ngum

Associate Professor

Andrew Pollard

Module lead, Vaccinology

Sarah Rowland-Jones

Professor of Immunology

Diego Sánchez-Ancochea

Lecturer, Inequality and Social Policy

Hoa Thi Ngo

Associate Professor

Francois van Loggerenberg

Teaching Fellow, Mixed Methods

George Warimwe

Professor of Vaccinology

Bridget Wills

Professor of Tropical Medicine