Research in Tropical Medicine and Global Health


Tackling infectious diseases, which kill tens of millions of people every year, is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Tropical Medicine and Global Health is researching solutions to the increasingly urgent problems created by infectious diseases. Research topics range from well-publicised killers such as malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis to emerging diseases such as avian flu to important but unpublicised killers in the developing world such as melioidosis and scrub typhus. We are committed to providing practical solutions that will save lives, and to training and inspiring the next generation of health leaders in the developing world.


The majority of our research is conducted at three Wellcome Programmes and the Centre in Oxford:

Tropical Medicine and Global Health also brings together a number of sister groups in Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Laos, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal and Uganda, and collaborators around the world.

From research to real-world solutions


Our long-established permanent tropical medicine research programmes in Thailand, Viet Nam and Kenya have pioneered strong partnerships with their host institutions and numerous international collaborators.

Our research is targeted to meet the information needs of Ministries of Health in Africa and Asia, and our strong links with these Ministries mean that our research results feed directly into public health policies across both continents, between Oxford faculty members based overseas and local doctors and researchers. The outstanding success of these collaborations has already directly influenced World Health Organisation policies. Currently recommended  treatments for malaria, dengue shock syndrome, typhoid, melioidosis, TB meningitis, diphtheria, leptospirosis are all based on work conducted by Tropical Medicine and Global Health.