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OUCRU Nepal is pleased to announce that as of 01 October 2022, Dr Abhilasha Karkey will assume the role of Director.

Abhilasha Karkey

Dr Abhilasha Karkey has worked with OUCRU Nepal since 2008. An Associate Professor of Oxford University, Dr Karkey is a medical microbiologist with expertise in clinical research. She has a DPhil from the University of Oxford and an MSc in Medical Microbiology from the University of Liverpool. Her research primarily focuses on the development and transmission of antimicrobial resistance in hospital and community settings. 

In addition to her scientific credentials, Dr Karkey has over a decade of experience working with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) often in very difficult conflict areas. These diverse experiences help her to build a strong and critical scientific community within OUCRU Nepal, and to continue to nurture the culture of scientific research excellence established by outgoing Director Dr Buddha Basnyat.  

Outgoing Director Dr Buddha Basnyat established OUCRU Nepal in partnership with Patan Hospital in 2003, and with funding from the Wellcome Trust. The mission of OUCRU Nepal under his leadership was to build a strong critical mass of young Nepalese clinicians and scientists who can help build the scientific and clinical future of Nepal, and the many achievements of the Unit during his tenure point to his success in achieving that.  OUCRU Nepal has grown in capacity, from a small unit of less than 20 people, to now employing more than 100 people. The unit has helped support five students to achieve PhD qualifications from the University of Oxford in the UK. The unit has conducted thirty scientific studies, including randomised controlled trials, and has produced many critical outputs that have helped inform clinical practice in Nepal – (including three about Typhoid vaccine!)   

OUCRU Nepal is grateful to have had such a strong start under the leadership of Dr Buddha Basnyat, and looks forward to continuing to grow under the leadership of Dr Abhilasha Karkey.