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Almost a year on, the 2022/23 cohort returned to Ditchley Park for the culmination of this year’s IHTM. Dissertations submitted, everyone could relax and enjoy each other’s company in the quintessential English surroundings.

The IHTM students from the 2022 2023 cohort gathered at Ditchley Park to celebrate the end of the the course

Students took the opportunity to give thoughtful feedback on aspects of the course from placements to group learning. They were also inducted into the IHTM alumni network and spent time considering where they thought their colleagues’ professional careers may take them in the next 5-10 years. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed getting together for the final occasion of the year.

Course Director, Proochista Ariana said,

“I am extremely proud of what this IHTM cohort has achieved. We look forward to following their progress, post IHTM, and seeing how they apply what they have learnt. The faculty join me in wishing them all the best with their next steps.”

The retreat ended with a graduation ceremony followed by the return to Oxford for dinner and dancing at St Hilda’s College.

Speaking about the MSc, student Paolo Cerrado, IHTM 2022, said,

We all started the course anxious about the expectations we had placed on ourselves, and driven by our interest to hopefully, make the world a little bit better and healthier. It is quite ambitious to try and help change the world, but in so doing we find it is often required to change ourselves first.
I expected to learn a lot from taking the course. But nothing truly prepares you for the many lightbulb moments where you feel your perspective of the world shifts, and the resulting excitement of seeing the world anew (like everyone else, Ethics Week comes to mind immediately).
Going through a year’s worth of lessons and learning from teachers both expected and unexpected (our colleagues’ rich experiences from their contexts are whole case studies in themselves), - I am filled with gratitude to be a part of this community.

The students studying IHTM in 2022/23 gathered together for the induction day at Ditchley Park.

This year's IHTM cohort at Ditchley for the course induction in September 2022.