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With the first month almost complete, IHTM students are settling into life at Oxford.

Some of the 2023 cohort of IHTM students gather outside the Radcliffe Camera to matriculate at the start of the academic year © Varad Puntambekar

It is undoubtedly a big change for the majority of IHTM students. For many, this is their first visit to the UK and life at Oxford is very different from the countries they have travelled from.

This year, as in previous years, we have students who have lived as refugees and students who have left their countries in the midst of conflict. We cannot begin to imagine what it is like to shoulder their concerns for friends and family who remain in conflict situations and we fully appreciate the challenges that many of our students have overcome to study here. We have much to learn from them.

Teaching is well underway with the core modules: Challenges and Change in International Health, Paradigms and Tools for Global Health, Global Health Research and Practice and Leadership Management and Communication Training dominating the first term of the course. The timetable is intense but the course content is interesting, diverse and current. One of the key strengths of IHTM is that students learn not only from the teachers - who are international leaders in their fields of expertise - but also from each other.

Below are just some of our students’ first impressions:

Oxford, an ocean of bricks, where spires aspire to the skies and ancient tomes rest, students sail in quest of knowledge's wind, and wisdom's currents ebb and flow in tranquil pools of thought, reflecting the stars and the gentle moon of boundless art.
Shylett Anthony

I'm pleasantly surprised that within this enormous University ecosystem, there exists the IHTM family who have provided a sense of warmth, support and community. For someone far from home, this is deeply appreciated and valued.
Yih Seong Wong

An extremely well-thought-out and structured course, brimming with diversity, taught by world-renowned field experts and laden with valuable insights that prepare students for real-world challenges.
Clifford Cofie

My first impressions were filled with a sense of awe, from the rich diversity of the IHTM course and my colleagues to the inclusive and welcoming nature of Oxford, which collectively contributed to an exhilarating new chapter in my life.
Rasika Bombatkar

It was good to see so many IHTM teachers joining the retreat!!! 
Shih-Ting Tseng