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The IHTM Oxford Union Debate has been a key fixture in the course’s calendar for many years. This year's debate on climate change proved lively and engaging.

The IHTM 2023 cohort in the Goodman library for the Oxford Union debate.

The aim of the debate is to engage the diverse cohort of global health students from all over the world in considering the most topical and significant global issues of the day. Students bring their multidisciplinary expertise and rich, unique experiences to the event which has produced some outstanding conversations over the years. 

Debate 1 – Motion.

This house would require countries with high carbon emissions to pay climate reparations to low-emitting nations disproportionately affected by climate change.

Debate 2 – Motion

This house believes that low- and middle-income countries should be allowed to exploit their fossil fuel reserves.

Students debated with enthusiasm and passion, often illustrating their arguments with events that they have witnessed first-hand.

Dennis Mazingi and Lisha Jeena, both IHTM alumni from 2020 chaired the debate. Dennis commentated:

“The scholars debate this year was excellent. The speeches would not have been out of place at international fora such as COP27. Students demonstrated immense personal growth and improvement in their argumentation and public speaking skills. It's another successful IHTM debate.”

IHTM student, Sophia Adhikari, added,

“The Union debate was an amazing opportunity to brush up my persuasion skills in front of a larger audience. It also helped me broaden my perspective on both sides of the motion and to express my views accordingly.”

An IHTM student debates climate change at the Oxford Union

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