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Students, faculty and friends gathered for an evening of appreciation and celebration at the Divinity School.

The IHTM students and teachers gather in front of the Divinity School for the Course Dinner.
Copyright Gillman and Soame

After a long journey filled with early mornings, group projects and exams, the class of 2022/2023, showed up and showed out at the annual course dinner!

The course administrators and faculty organised an amazing event in a transformed Divinity School. Amongst the guests were faculty members, and funders who made this experience possible for so many of us.

The class awarded staff members who they felt went above and beyond this year:

  1. Tunde Adebayo - Teaching Assistant Award 
  2. Prabin Dahal -Junior Lecturer Award 
  3. Caesar Atuire and Bruno Holthof - Senior Lecturer Award

 As much as there have been highs, there have also been lows. It was an emotional night looking back on our growth and the difficult events that staff and students and have gone through this year. There have been personal losses of family members, devastating floods in Malawi, and more recently the conflict in Sudan. It has been a tough year for the IHTM family.

And through this difficulty, we found refuge in one another. This course has been life changing academically but also personally in the lifelong relationships that have formed. And this night was a wonderful opportunity for us to all come together to show gratitude to one another.

Precious Chikura-Dlamini, IHTM 2022/23