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A core component of IHTM is the leadership, management and communication training, LMCT, and an integral part of this is the media training that took place last week at Green Templeton College. The training provides the tools and practice to promote effective communication with different audiences.

A cameraman and interviewer practise TV interviews with IHTM student

LMCT is important for the development of transferable soft skills that the students will need in their work post the MSc. During the media training, they were divided into small groups and worked on print, radio and TV interviews. The session was run by specialist communications company, Media First.

IHTM student, Chifundo MsoKera, said,

"The media training team showed us how communication, as a skill, is powerful but often underestimated. It seems obvious - but it’s really not. Coming up with a focused message is extremely difficult. I am glad I learnt that today!”

Victoria Smith, a Sony-award nominated TV, radio and print journalist, ran the training together with a team of colleagues from Media First. Commenting she said,

“It was such a pleasure to work with these bright young people, who are doing such important research. We worked on making their messages strong and clear, with some great supporting evidence, and saw real progress across our session. We look forward to seeing the students on air in the future.”