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Students gave interesting and engaging presentations on malaria as part of the first problem-based learning activity, PBL, of this term.

A group of students from the MSc IHTM present to their colleagues during the malaria problem-based learning exercise.

Under the guidance of Kevin Marsh, Professor of Tropical Medicine, the PBL gave an overview of the biology and epidemiology of malaria relevant to the challenges of treatment and prevention and provided context for understanding current debates on control versus elimination as a strategy for malaria-endemic countries.

The students’ presentations addressed a range of issues including how to identify and synthesise evidence in order to make informed decisions to focus resources and inform policy and whether it is realistic to try to eliminate malaria.

Reflecting on the students' work, Professor Marsh said,

I was very impressed at the level of interaction between the participants and the high quality of the presentations.’

The PBL provides the opportunity for students to practise active listening, public speaking, and to critically engage with evidence and argument. The student presentations were engaging, with good content and delivery. We look forward to the next PBL on ethics coming up in November.