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Matriculation saw IHTM students don their gowns and academic dress for their formal acceptance into the University of Oxford.

A group of students from IHTM 2023 are in the parks following matriculation

A head and shoulders photo of IHTM student Rasika Bombatkar at matriculation 2023"Matriculation represents the transition from aspiration to actualization, where we embrace the pursuit of knowledge, personal growth, and the exciting challenges that lie ahead. At this juncture, we embark on a path of discovery, forging lasting friendships and equipping ourselves with the skills and wisdom needed to navigate the complexities of the world.
I still vividly recall the goosebumps I felt when the Vice Chancellor finally declared us all officially admitted to the University of Oxford. This moment encapsulated the beginning of a remarkable journey that continues to inspire and shape us."
Rasika Bombatkar



A head and shoulders photo of Anita Makori"I had a memorable experience at my matriculation ceremony at Oxford. Matriculation is indeed a significant and formal event in the life of an Oxford student. The tradition of wearing academic dress, known as sub fusc, and the ceremony held at the historic Sheldonian Theatre add to the sense of history and tradition that Oxford is known for.
Many students find it to be a symbolic moment that makes them feel truly connected to the University and its centuries-old legacy. It was such an excellent way to mark the beginning of my academic journey at such a prestigious institution."
Anita Makori