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The historic and atmospheric surroundings of the Goodman Library at the Oxford Union provided the perfect venue for this year’s IHTM debates.

The 2024 IHTM cohort of students gather at the Oxford Union for debating.

IHTM alumni Dennis Mazingi (IHTM 2020) and Lisha Jaena (IHTM 2020) hosted the three debates and made up the judging panel. Students demonstrated persuasive communication skills, and their well-constructed arguments changed the minds of members of the audience in each of the three debates.


Debate 1: This House believes that governments should prioritize health equity over economic growth in their response to the dual crises of the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change.

Pre-debate - 18 for, 7 against

Post-debate – 11 for, 12 against

Opposition won the panel judging.


Debate 2: This House believes that international pledges such as the Paris agreement are ineffective in combatting climate change.

Pre-debate - 13 for, 12 against

Post-debate – 12 for, 13 against

Proposition won the panel judging.


Debate 3: This House believes that decarbonising healthcare services should be a priority for the high-income countries only.

Pre-debate - 5 for, 19 against

Post-debate – 18 for, 6 against

Proposition won the panel judging.

Watch the debating highlights on YouTube