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"COVID-19 is characterised by a relatively high proportion of patients requiring respiratory support and prolonged ventilation. As such, insufficient numbers of ventilators (and healthcare workers trained to use them) will rapidly consume available resources." Ms Manar Marzouk (cohort 2015-16)

Health care worker signing paperwork
Photograph of doctor or nurse assessing data on mobile phone - for illustration purposes only

Brief co-authored by our alumna Ms Manar Marzouk (cohort 2015-16), analysing the current situation in Syria overlooking events from the past nine years. 

An overview of the current population displacement and health systems is provided along with the impact of COVID-19.  A list of recommendations is provided highlighting the need of: 

  • Cessation of hostilities and renewal of cross border aid
  • Prioritise measures which limit human to human transmission
  • Strengthen and reinforce health hubs that would act locally 
  • Utilise digital tech for communication and case monitoring
  • Funding for COVID-19 mitigation strategies should be embedded within the overall Syrian humanitarian response

Read the full brief: Syria Situational Brief - Impact of COVID-19 on forcibly displaced persons inside Syria on this pdf

Read the Lancet Migration situational and policy briefs on COVID-19 and migration on the Migration and Health website




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