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The class of 2023 celebrated the end of exams with a formal dinner in the Divinity School where they were joined by teachers, staff, funders and friends of IHTM.

Students, teachers, funders and friends celebrate the IHTM end of course with a dinner at the Divinity School.

It was a very happy occasion in an iconic University venue, dating back to the 15th-century, and renowned for being one of the most beautiful buildings in Oxford.
Although chilly outside, the atmosphere inside could not have been warmer with students relieved to have finished their revision and ready to celebrate the end of two demanding and inspiring academic terms. They now look forward to beginning their 8-week research placements and we look forward to their return at the end of June.

The class awarded staff members who they felt went above and beyond this year:

Alaa Dafallah - Teaching Assistant Award

Prabin Dahal and Carine Asnong - Junior Lecturer Award

Bruno Holthof - Senior Lecturer Award

Many congratulations and thanks to everyone for a wonderful evening.